About Melvin

What I understood at an early age serving for a company for over 30 years would not allow me to retire at my desired age of 55. I could retire, but will I be able to afford a lifestyle of ease, comfort, and freedom. After all, that is what I was striving for right? Aiming at some point in my life I would be able to experience the residual of my hard work.

But the reality, for most hard-working Americans, after they retire need a part-time job to support themselves financially. I am not criticizing. I knew investment strategies, planning for retirement and estate planning wasn't knowledge shared freely. The people who could profit from these approaches are usually not privy to the data. The people who know don't share.

I was on a mission to discover what most people would not share. I worked the 9 to 5 but invested the money I would spend on lunch. Instead of purchasing extravagance items, I spent money on investing. The money I would pay for a fancy car, I invested. While others were buying fancy clothes, I was buying stocks and bonds. I have taught hundreds of others to do the same. It's a paradigm shift in your thinking. I can show you, to do the same. I am not knocking fancy items, I now own them. But only after my nest-egg was secured.

I don't require you always be depended on me. I aspire you to understand for yourself how to invest, so you are in the driver seat.

Remember, at some point, everyone who invest wasn't born with the experience. Investors learned. It should give you hope you can do the same with the right coach.

For me, I am not particular about overpaying taxes. Most Taxpayers don't understand the concept of taxable and non-taxable income/ expense items and pay more than their fair share. Taxes need to be paid, but I'm all about paying the minimum rather than the maximum. I prefer to keep the rest and invest. Invest in building a second income and paying ONLY the legal minimum using Internal Revenue Code, State Tax Laws and Tax Planning Techniques that benefit you.

Who am I?

I am an established tax professional, who taught both taxation and accounting at the collegiate level and worked as a Corporate Tax Professional for Fortune 50 companies: Pfizer, Mobil Oil, United Airlines and International Paper Company. I retired at Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. as Global Tax Director and commits my experience as founder and owner of TAX-R-US, a tax planning, preparation and audit resolution firm. Additionally, I volunteer my services as Investment Director for The Cedarmore Corporation's Young Entrepreneurs Training Program.

I am passionate about seeing people move their finances in a direction they never thought achievable for themselves.

Remember, you can't open new possibilities with the same old door. You need a new one.


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